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Welcome to the Warships League!
It’s a pleasure to have you in our Warhips League.

We are always encouraged to give you the best possible league and ladder
setup for your joy and passion in an competitive way to play World of

We wish you a great time with the league.

The Administration


First steps in the online league

1. Fill out registration

First you have to register. You can find the registration form on the left side. Just fill it out and look at your email adress to activate your account.

2. Create team

On the right side you you can enter your username and password. After the successfull login you will see a menu where you can change your profil, create a team or join team. Just take a little bit of time to get a feeling of what you can do in all areas.

3. Join league

To join a league you need a team and administration rights for the team. You got the rights automaticaly with the creation of the team. That is why you can join a league now. Click on the league area and select a league which you ant to join. Perhaps you will need a password to join the league. In this case read the league information to get further information.

The end of the season
The second season has ended and the three best teams got their awards.
Congratulation to Flying Ducks who won the Season in a close match against their opponent,
                                Deutsche Marine Divison T8, which come second in place and fought well espacially in the second half of the season,
                                and last but not least Kaiserliche Marine. Also a deserved third place. 

These teams can find their award in the profil under the "Award"-section in the top right.

The Ladder will go on until the 3rd season is started or something else is delcared from the Head of Administration.

Greetings MylanHunter

News Update
The finals can be played until the 18.09.2016 23:59 due an delay in the Tier 8B league.
In the first semifinal the Flyings Ducks are playing against Night Raid.
In the second semifinal Kaiserliche Marine are playing against Deutsche Marine Divison.

 Dear fellow Captains of the Warship League

The last Matches will be held and we are about to see which Teams qualify themselves for the semifinals.

As a reminder: Since we’ve got T8A and T8B we have to figure out who the Champion of the T8 League is. Therefore we have the last 4 matches. In the Semifinals will be held as following. Each first placed Team of the T8 A and B League will face the other Leagues second placed Team. The first placed Teams are the home teams in the Semifinals. The two winners of these matches will have their final match for the Championship the two losers will fight for the third place.

For the final and the match for the third place both teams have to agree on a map.
After this each team has a map of his choice.

The Finals will be held in the time between 28.08.2016 00:00 to the 10.09.2016 23:59. Between these two weeks have the matches to be held.

If you have any further questions or if there occur any problems you can reach us at the TS of the MDIV ( PW: Maus). Finally we wish all Teams in the finals good luck and may the best team win and RNGsus be with you

Your Head of Administration

We are reluctent to inform you that the Team TGF1 Bande withdraws from the ongoing League Season. All upcoming Matches against the TGF1 Bande will be counted as 9:0 victory for the opposing Team
 Start of the second round

After the summerbreak, which ends today, the second round of the season starts and the last 5 weeks respectively 5 games are left to play.
When the 5 weeks are over and it's clear who is in the first and in the second place in the T8 leagues, the finalphase starts.

In this phase the first of the T8A league will play against the second of the T8B league and the second of the T8A will play against the first of the T8B. 
The winners of the matches will play against each other for the Champion of the T8 league and the second place.
The losers of the matches will also play over the third place.

The first, second and thrid will be rewarded on this league page and will enter the hall of fame with honor and glory.

So good luck and have fun with the second half of the second season of the Warships League

Update rule 24/26, T8 B League News, summer break

At first the bad News: GWDYS are no longer able to maintain their presence in the T8 B League. According to that all games who would be played against GWDYS are now counted 9:0 victory for the opposing Team. This also applies to matches to matches who are already been held.
Also we decided to make a summer break after the current week 5. This break will go for 2 weeks to cover the most of the summer vacatations. The ladder will run without a break. 
Furthermore, we found a mistranslation in rule 24 premium ships in the ladder. Now the German and English rules coincide again.

Good News for all who want to start their matches faster:
We came to the decision to modify Rule 26 for Leagues and Ladders.

New rule for Leagues:
26. Matches in an Encounter
At the previously set time the home-team will open the first training room and joins with a second Member (2 Members of the home-team are now in the room). Following this task the teams will enter the training room with 4 players at a time. The home-team will finish the entering process with their last two players. As soon as both teams are fully represented in the training room, the home-team asks for the readiness of the guest-team. Following a positive response while honouring the rules the home-team will start the match.

Rule for Ladders:
26. Matches in an Encounter
At the previously set time the home-team will open the first training room. The teams will send in there ships one by one. So the home-team picks one, then the guest-team and so on. As soon as both teams are fully represented in the training room, the hometeam asks for readiness of the guest team. Following a positive response while honouring the rules the home team will start the match.  

The first two weeks have already passed and the league is in full swing

We like to take this opportunity to welcome a new team in the tier 8 ladder, The Kraken which will soon take part in the action and in the battles on our 7 vs 7 platform.
We also like to remind you that the first half of the ladder 4 week periode is over and that you have roughly two more weeks to get your total of 2 battles in for this monthlong periode.
The time has come!!!

The second season of the Warshipsleague starts on sunday, 5th of june 2016!

The groups are drawn:
Due to too many enrollements we have divided the Tier 8 - Clanwar league into two separate groups A and B. You can have a look at the drawn of those groups here: to the clip. There will be a playoff between the first and the second of each group at the end of the reround. Details about this playoff will be announced in the next few weeks. (T6- and T10 - Clanwarleagues won’t be played because of to less enrollments.)
Match schedule created:
When you have to fight who you can read in the match shedule. A matchday lasts seven days. The first matchday starts on sunday, 5th of june 0:00 am (CEST) and ends on saturday, 11th of june 12:00 pm (CEST).

The ladders will start on wednesday, 1st of june 2016.

From that point you will be able to challenge each other and gain points on the ladder.

Just as a reminder - in the ladder it is possible to join even after the season has begun. So if you are interrested in t10 for example you still can join that ladder at any given point. For more Informations please contact the league Administration 

We wish you many successful, exciting and fair battles - your Warshipsleague-Team.
End of Enrollment Phase, Registration is now Closed

The official time for the registration of teams is now closed. We will take the next couple of days to determine
which leagues will come together, allocate the leagues and when which team will face the other ones.
That should be done by the end of the Weekend so that we can start the second season within the next week.
Tier-8 Clanwar - rule 24 premium ships:

The rule has changed: A maximum of 4 Premiumships are allowed.
Furthermore there can only be 2 ships of the same class.
The classes are: Carrier Vessel, Cruiser, Battleship, Destroyer.